Nia Housing delivers a practical, holistic service approach to meet the well being and accommodation needs of vulnerable young people leaving social care. We provide accommodation fully integrated with life skills training and a out reach programmes to protect and enrich the lives of young people. We create Living Experiences that help young people feel and express their greatness as they achieve exceptional personal results. These Living Experiences act as a catalyst, switching the young people to achieve exceptional personal results, feel confident in themselves and make a positive contribution to society.

We Offer as standard:

  • Flexible and personalised service for young people aged 16 plus
  • Culturally Diverse experienced and qualified staff team
  • An initial assessment
  • Key work sessions
  • Good links to education and training providers
  • Frequent reviews and assessments
  • Registration and Appointment Management
  • Life skills programme

We work with young people from all different cultures and backgrounds, our Number one aim is to Make a difference in Young people’s life!

Our Services

24Hr Semi-Independent Living

Our Semi Independent Living provision at Nia Housing consists of 24-hour specialist staffed accommodation for young people aged 16+.

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Unaccompanied Minor Provision

Working with unaccompanied minors.

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Mother and Baby Unit

We believe in supporting our young people with a chance to care for their baby and get the support needed to develop their parenting skills.

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18+ Unit

Our 18 plus unit is developed as a step-up service to give our young people more independence and autonomy.

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