Ethos and Philosophy

Ethos and Philosophy

Our ethos and philosophy are an integral part of everything we do. We believe that each individual has the ability to achieve positive change. Our working motto is “giving young people the opportunity to make the choice to succeed and achieve exceptional personal results.” We work to support young people and family groups in developing a sense of purpose and confidence, to enhance their ability to direct their lives and find their place in the wider society.

Nia address the individual needs of each Young Person through personally tailored packages of training and support, determined according to their age and needs.

Nia ensure that Young people including Young parents have their needs addressed in order to support them in learning how to care for their child.

Nia equip them to realise and meet the responsibilities for caring for themselves and their babies where applicable. Young parents are shown how to prioritise their own needs in conjunction with that of their baby.

Nia offers a creative approach to developing a road map to success for young people.Nia promote good parenting by offering parents positive role models and in participating in educational parenting programmes to enable them to care for their children within the community.

Nia uses its resources responsibly and efficiently; working to a high professional standard within a culture or continuous

Nia provides staff with the training, management and support they need to carry out their tasks professionally.

Nia lobbies and campaigns for public policy changes to improve the provision of quality care for Young People and pursue improvements in social justice and inclusion.

Nia aims to create living experiences that help Young People feel and express their greatness as they achieve exceptional personal results.

These living experiences act as a catalyst, in achieving exceptional personal results, confidence in themselves and the contribution they can make to society.

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